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At WSO2Con 2011..

Today is the first day at WSO2Con 2011. Themed “Explore. Connect. Learn”, the conference aims to deliver deep dive knowledge and experiences of SOA middleware and cloud computing┬átechnologies. The day consisted of interesting talks ranging from IBM global technology perspective for 2011 from Dr. C. Mohan (the keynote) to technical talks focused at cloud computing and real world SOA success stories.

So here is  some little insider information of what IBM vision for near future summed up to one word.


Yes the world is in dire need for better analytics for smarter proactive decision making from ever growing big data. It’s a matter of getting out actionable data out of continuous information streams at reasonable processing times. Big data and scalable analytics systems are becoming important in this context.

A related talk by Sumedha focused on why data is important and how data base systems should be chosen with the recent advent of myriad data base systems in NoSQL front. The gist of the talk was that, be it relational or NoSQL it’s according to the actual requirements of the application which should determine the type of data management system. Several aspects to consider are the expected volume growth, scalability, transactional requirements, data access patterns, required management functions etc.

The day concluded with a panel discussion with a panel of industry experts on cloud computing paradigm. All in all it was an interesting day filled with lots of valuable technical insights…

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