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Working with svn externals

Viewing current svn externals recursively.

  • svn propget svn:externals -R

Add a svn external

Note that conf folder should not already present in the svn. Also note the current working directory notation ‘.’ at the end. This will create a conf folder which is an svn external in current directory.

Removing a svn external

  1. svn propedit svn:externals
  2. Remove the external property definition in pop up editor and save.
  3. Commit the change.

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Some Common SVN Issues

Problem : svn: warning: Working copy ‘xxx’ locked

Solution : Run a svn cleanup. If that fails..
1. Get a svn diff of local modifications to a patch.
svn diff > patch.diff
2. Delete folder containing locked resource path from the file system. Do not use svn delete.
rm <folder-containing-locked-resource>
3. Run a svn update
svn up
4. Apply local modifications to working copy.
patch -p0 -i patch.diff

Problem : svn: warning: ‘xxx’ is already a working copy for a different URL after adding a svn:external

Solution : In this case you might have done a mistake in setting the external. An external property to download an already existing folder will  cause this error. If this is the case..
1. Remove the svn external
* svn propedit svn:externals
* Remove external definition in the editor and save it.
* Do a svn update
svn up
* Now commit
svn ci

2. Delete folder from svn and file system
svn delete
rm -rf <folder-having-svn-external>
3. Set new external. This time without the folder. For example.
svn propset svn:externals ‘conf http://sample.org/trunk&#8217; .
This time since there is no existing ‘conf ‘ folder it will not conflict with the external.

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Removing cached SVN credentials

This post describes how cached SVN credentials can be removed. Credentials are stored in SVN auth disk area. They have to be removed in order to remove cached SVN credentials.

$ ls ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple/

These files hold the credentials for a certain domain. If you take a look inside a file the domain is listed under svn:realmstring key. Delete the corresponding cache file  to remove the credential for the relevant domain.

K 8
V 3
K 8
V 4
K 15
V 45

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SVN Tree Conflicts

Have you ever encountered this during a SVN update?

Summary of conflicts:
  Tree conflicts: 1

If so what you have at your hand is a conflict which has occurred due to conflicting file structure changes like file moves and deletions. You can force the removal of unwanted file with this command,

svn remove --force file-to-be-removed

Then conflict can be resolved using,

svn resolve --accept=working file-to-be-removed

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