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Continuing my adventure with Apache Rampart from my earlier article I decided to follow the DeveloperWorks article on WS-Security. Again I ran in to some issues when I tried using signatures within the messages. Here is a brief account of what happened this time.

First road block I encountered was the error shown below. The error was on the client side and was like this.

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: CryptoFactory: Cannot load properties:crypto.properties

Client didn’t seem to know where to pick up the properties file describing trust store details. After fiddling with the file paths and failing, I tried the Axis2 list and luckily found a suggestion which helped out with my predicament. The solution was to add the properties file location to the client’s classpath. So with that obstacle out of the way the next break point to hit was this.

problemAction: anonOutInOp
[ERROR] The [action] cannot be processed at the receiver.
org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: The [action] cannot be processed at the receiver.

This time around it was the server side which was giving me troubles. After scavenging a little on the Internet for information I found this article which described the issue as not properly setting the SOAP action when setting up the client. I was guilty as charged. I had forgotten to set the SOAP action at my client. Thanks to that tip I pressed ahead again to come up with this.

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: WSHandler: Signature: error during message processingorg.apache.ws.security.WSSecurityException: An unsupported token was provided (Problem with SKI information: Support for RSA key only)

Again luckily I found a suggestion on Axis2 list which helped me through. The error was due to the choice of the algorithm that I used generate the key store. Instead of the default DSA using RSA algorithm was the solution.

So after another bumpy ride I was finally able to get it working for signatures and luckily providing encryption capability was pretty much a smooth ride afterwards.

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