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To start up with my wordpress blogging I decided that a desktop blog authoring tool would be great thing to try out which would enable me to write blogs offline. To my surprise the range of choices for Linux wordpress blogging was not that large. After some pretty long search I decided to try out Bleezer which seems to support most of the features I required. I had some troubles with setting up my wordpress blog with Bleezer initially so I decided to share the required information to set up wordpress.

Setting up WordPress with Bleezer

In the accounts section of preferences it asks for host, path and port values. For example if your blog is http://www.myblog.wordpress.com then respective values should be

– Host : myblog.wordpress.com (note that www is not necessary)

– Path : xmlrpc.php

– Port : 80


Host and port parts hardly deserve an explanation. The key is the path value which is xmlrpc.php. WordPress supports desktop blog tools via XML-RPC API called MetaWeblog API. This API enables weblog entries to be posted, edited and deleted using an XML-RPC web service. This web service supports methods to enable above actions. In earlier example the XML-RPC web service endpoint would be http://www.myblog.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php.

About Bleezer experience

Now a little bit about Bleezer itself.


– Works on Linux (which was the deal breaker for most of the other apps)

– Ability to upload images

– Category and Tag support

– WYSIWYG editing.

– Ping Technorati, Weblog.com etc.


– It seems to get stuck without any report on the progress of the operation, when publishing the posts online for some time which is not the most user freindly aspect of a desktop app.

– Only a placeholder can be seen instead of the image when a post with embedded image is previewed.

So far this is what I found out working with Bleezer. Think I have missed some important points? Just let me know.

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